About Us

We at STACÉA Skincare are a close knitted family, our founders are close friends who have suffered from years of acne issues until they took time off to create our powerful ACNE AND DARK SPOTS 2-in-1 SOLUTION, which has sold over 800,000+ packs all over the middle east, United States, United Kingdom Australia, New Zealand, West Africa, some parts of East and South Africa, Germany, France, and many countries all over Europe.

STACÉA Skincare created the best 100% all Natural Acne and Dark spots Treatment product in the market today.

All our products are made specifically for acne sufferers with the sole aim of helping acne sufferers regain their confidence back.

All our products were created out of the idea of detoxifying and adding nourishment to your skin, our carefully selected 100% all Natural ingredients will exfoliate, repair and clear all acne and dark spots on your skin.

STACÉA Skincare products controls excessive sebum production, unclog your pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, clears blemishes and sunburn and rejuvenates healthy skin.

Our effective formulas will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, smooth, acne and blemish free

Welcome to a New You!